How it Works

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Download & connect to LiquidSky on your PC, Mac, or Android device.



Download any of the top game titles that run on Windows.
LiquidSky can do all that within seconds with lightning internet speed.


Play & Enjoy

Experience HD quality through LiquidSky cloud service on any device.
Never upgrade your hardware again!


How the Technology Works

Access LiquidSky via any of your devices.

Your actions via mouse, keyboard, controller or touch are sent to our servers.

LiquidSky servers do all of the heavy processing.

Your SkyComputer experience is delivered to you like a streaming video at < 3Mb/s with little-to-no latency.



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We know you'll love gaming on LiquidSky and that's why we want you to have it for free.
Experience high performance gaming on any device in the cloud!

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