Benefits Gamers Appreciate

You can now experience the highest quality graphics for your favorite games
at a fraction of the cost on the device of your choice.

High Performance Hardware

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Custom built servers from IBM with the best processors plus custom AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards to provide you with high performance gaming at a fraction of the cost of owning a gaming rig.

Ultra Low Latency

Latency purple de2789b5629c1cb97e66eb24a9dfd5f1313e6787eaf8e5f1aefe03cd0e939540

Our proprietary compression algorithms deliver you the best quality graphics with the least amount of latency possible.

Android App

Android purple 594e9f80bea18d67fce57b12e0af8424e5d0051b69b30f5196e62e997b93262d

Access your SkyComputer from any Android device via our LiquidSky Android App. Play your favorite PC games on-the-go!


Windows purple 855487e106c04712ba628f69f7cf6a6fbac721ed515d61d31674555edc88129d

Play any games that run on Windows.
It doesn't matter if it's retro or AAA, LiquidSky can run it all!

Lightning Internet Speed

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Our servers are built on the backbone of the internet providing you up to 1 GB/sec download speeds.

Run Any Game with Any Mod

Cloud purple ccd5757c6e40625b0b19c234376ecacd27e604055f3ade1acd32e408711a2266

Your SkyComputer is a PC in the cloud
and is accessible from any device,
including phones & tablets.
Run your favorite games in the cloud, no expensive hardware needed!

HD Playback

Hd purple 4721fbf18ae8c231aaea2e96031f59a37fd3b453529d8efec784df6a1b902876

Choose between 720p or 1080p resolution with 30 FPS or 60+ FPS on your device.

Security You Can Trust

Security purple 4106a64d2cf79f45d5339299a3554967dbc2b76192d01711a927f152068931a3

Our servers are built to ensure your information and data are kept safe and secure with enterprise level encryption.

Servers Around the World

Servers around purple fbe2f108bc15a5c0ae960cda381b74a517b09c49ddc959bf42c6db7e861a87f5

We're constantly building new servers around the world to increase your access and performance while decreasing latency.


Sky storage purple d828601ea1823a1115daa23a80cd799bffb0a843d452a0f95aa20e98a2758c0c

Download your favorite games and store them on your SkyComputer so you can start playing instantly on any device.

Always Up-to-Date Tech

Up todate tech purple cfd8f2f43c3f718f8dd736085d1c21a9162ee943ca864f67551e263052aaa419

Never worry about upgrading your hardware. We deliver the latest technology so you can play any games.

Mac & Linux Support

Mac linux purple 19543892de14225bbf7532aefad6efb3bd9963a0d75f63eef9baf71ecac45c23

Jealous of your PC friends playing all the latest AAA games?
Now you can use LiquidSky on Mac or Linux to play with them!

Coming Soon

Language Translation

Translate purple 17f2e4c59bf16fa88128c242b976f7acf8dc4e6936981dc8779f7641f5768a08

For our international users we will be translating our website and software to the most popular languages to improve your experience.

One-Click Twitch Streaming

Twitch purple a395b1a21dbbc5f234d7ee726b09c8ad7f63133ff19d06645da432748893436e

Flawlessly stream to Twitch with one simple click. It's never been easier to connect to Twitch, engage and grow your followers and make money!

Experience LiquidSky for Free

We know you'll love gaming on LiquidSky and that's why we want you to have it for free.
Experience high performance gaming on any device in the cloud!

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