Benefits Gamers Appreciate

You can now experience the highest quality graphics for your favorite games
at a fraction of the cost on the device of your choice.

High Performance Hardware

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Custom built servers from IBM with the best processors plus Nvidia graphics cards to provide you with high performance gaming at a fraction of the cost of owning a gaming rig.

Ultra Low Latency

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Our proprietary compression algorithms deliver you the best quality graphics with the least amount of latency possible.

Android App

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Access your SkyComputer from any Android device via our LiquidSky Android App. Play your favorite PC games on-the-go!


Windows purple 855487e106c04712ba628f69f7cf6a6fbac721ed515d61d31674555edc88129d

Play any games that run on Windows.
It doesn't matter if it's retro or AAA, LiquidSky can run it all!

Lightning Internet Speed

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Our servers are built on the backbone of the internet providing you up to 1 GB/sec download & upload speeds.

Run Any Game with Any Mod

Cloud purple ccd5757c6e40625b0b19c234376ecacd27e604055f3ade1acd32e408711a2266

Your SkyComputer is a PC in the cloud
and is accessible from any device,
including phones & tablets.
Run your favorite games in the cloud, no expensive hardware needed!

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