About LiquidSky

Our mission is to dramatically lower costs and increase the efficiency of computing by giving users access to all the computing power they need in the cloud - or in our case, the Sky! No more buying expensive hardware on your end to play any of the new and best games, just subscribe to what you need from us. We also provide a lightning-fast internet experience, something we call Sky accelerated web browsing. No more taking hours to download your favorite games - with our gigabit connectionm you get Sky speed!. Four of the main issues surrounding cloud gaming or the consumer thin-client have been latency, cost, scalability, and catalog. We have solved all four. Welcome to the Sky.

Our Team

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Ian McLoughlin

Founder & CEO

Ian is the programming brains and creator of LiquidSky. He started his first computer service company at age 12, fixing electronics and installing enterprise servers for small businesses. He has also worked in the CGI and CAD industry. Ian programs in anything from x86 to CSS, specializing in pattern recognition and sandboxing/hypervising containers. Ian enjoys working on his car, building electronics, writing algorithms, or just standing. He was spotted sleeping once; we think it was a Tuesday.

Scott c569f71635b71d073c0a738560cde588fc2f9f6241d0a7045fa0081e052cdc8d

Scott Johnston

Co-founder & Board Member

Scott is an experienced tech hand. His previous startup, Wayin (wayin.com), provides big brands and professional sports teams with social media curation and display software. Co-founded with ex-Sun Microsystems founder and CEO Scott McNealy, Wayin is a Certified Partner of both Twitter and Facebook. Prior to Wayin, Scott ran a quant-based hedge fund. A Yalie and former adjunct professor there, Scott is married with three kids, and plays a round of golf when he can.

Bill b3658883ec4767a5a0c742bd49cda7e8e2e11333da5aa6559334ca02780766cd

William J. Raduchel

Chairman of the Board

William J. Raduchel is the Chair of LiquidSky's Board of Directors. Bill is a strategic advisor and director at several private companies. He taught corporate strategy at Georgetown University and formerly was chairman of Opera Software, CTO of AOL Time Warner and chief strategy officer of Sun Microsystems. He is a member of the Conference of Business Economists and was chair of the Committee on Copyright and Innovation in the Digital Era for the National Academy of Sciences. Bill has 25 issued patents. After attending Michigan Technological University, which later gave him an honorary D.B.A. in 2002, Bill received his B.A. in economics from Michigan State University in 1966 and earned his A.M. and Ph.D. degrees in economics at Harvard.

Jason 048526d6f15b4ce8328c2130703c5c2b6b4b318fd3ef33e9c8bec838c6cba066

Jason Kirby

Chief Marketing Officer

Jason was a photographer in his past life, building the largest community of photographers in San Diego and a successful marketplace connecting photographers and consumers. He recently sold his last startup as the co- founder and VP of Marketing and moved to New York City in the winter because he thought perfect weather all year wasn’t interesting enough. Jason defies the company culture because he drinks yerba mate tea instead coffee to satisfy his caffeine addiction.

Doug 7dd480f4a1a51926f04477daec8e5e134128cad4a109351893493de4b5eeaeb5

Doug Wallace

Chief Financial Officer

A start-up executive since 1999, Doug has been involved in leadership roles at a variety of technology companies. In every engagement, Doug has been instrumental in facilitating the vision of the inventors and founders, delivering on shared goals. Hats worn have typically included leadership in finance, operations, and revenue generation. Companies have ranged from robotics, mobile browser platforms, online gaming, K-12 learning platforms, and music/video services. Prior to his start-up career Doug was a corporate finance banker with Bank of America, and a marketing rep with IBM. Doug holds a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and a MBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin.

David 91551eb9680e9fedfb79a41b90ebfc6a685682d5331912c3b8ef3b956588f4b0

David Selle

Head of Product

David is a seasoned veteran of the games industry. He has held strategic product and executive business roles at leading social media and game companies including Mobile Gaming Technology, NukoToys, Hi5 Networks, Magi.com, Reality Gap, WildTangent, and Vivendi Universal. David led the publishing effort for WildCoins, one of the first widely adopted virtual currency platforms for online games and has a long list of successful titles to his credit. Sometimes David likes to believe he is a competitive Hearthstone player. We think that’s cute.

Jared 4de674b7300a81711001c044e9f60707fdab04b36ccd672b49eb85c239045477

Jared Billig

Lead Developer

Jared joined LiquidSky in June as a full stack developer and growth hacker. Born and raised in NYC, Jared has been gaming for as long as he's been able to walk and talk -- i.e. for a couple of years now. Jared graduated school with an accounting and economics degree but wasn’t feeling it, so he embarked on a self-taught journey of programming. When not hunched over a computer, rapidly typing, Jared spends his time checking out live music or hanging with his beloved companion Henry -- a five pound, half-blind, constantly sneezing mini-Pekingese.

Alex f0fcf9ebaead0b9f7bdcd726b8c16f0e381a43a66a92c4ea3c637478bca6b262

Alex Sindisckii


Alexander is 6'7, so naturally he played a lot of basketball in school. He also got asked to change a lot of light bulbs, which is probably why he loves LEDs. Alex fools around with artificial neural networks (who doesn’t?) and for the last few years has specialized in opengl c++.

Artem 93e35cb65e52f73de6de55f03487ee257399f0bb7831dac62d5e33e82e506237

Artem Smirov


Artem aced chemistry at school, winning the regional chemistry Olympiad, but physics and computers called his name at university. Artem is a computer gaming fanatic, so naturally he loves cloud gaming. He also loves hard and classic rock. The Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix are his favorites.

Trevor e83d68942847d7384786c5a279ba668432319ef0c7570df9a9940ca122912282

Trevor Rudolph


Trevor Rudolph is a software engineer who just dropped out of college to join LiquidSky full time. He is completely self taught and has a natural understanding of a dozen languages ranging from C to Python. Most of all he is a hard worker who can often be caught working some very strange hours. His passion for coding has led him into the working world years ahead of his peers. Beyond being a computer gremlin, Trevor is a New York native and enjoys the outdoors and literature

Mariusz 88e273d31c0897074d4cda8a22b973955da60d9bcfe755caae2237fa392b6fca

Mariusz Lis

Head of Customer Support

Mariusz is a Polish native who lives in New York. He previously provided customer support to one of the largest sporting companies in the world. He has a lot of patience, even with impatient gamers! Mariusz also plays computer games, of course, and doctors say it’s a miracle that he doesn’t need glasses given the amount of time he’s spent in front of computer screens. When he does venture outside, Mariusz does acrobatics, plays soccer and works out to stay in shape.

Justin c46b63cac6226595a171bde349989fe81fac5e2a606ed574a2913e18bc99d492

Justin Ceccherelli

Community Manager

A native New Yorker, Justin is a natural-born gamer with a passion for all things tech and media. Having spent his college years in the California sun, Justin moved back to New York for an opportunity to work with LiquidSky. As a League of Legends enthusiast, he has worked with many eSports teams such as TSM and CLG to create engaging content for various eSports startups. When he's not browsing reddit, Justin likes to spend his free time programming and creating mobile games. Beyond his computer, he can also be found playing on his guitar or shooting hoops to stay to make up for all the hours spent locked away in his room.

Damian 85860fd7b734723a6bfa3c30ba336f45afe329eb431ce1781bb3ee511b703faa

Damian Bidikov

Frontend Developer

Damian is a New York native who recently changed careers to become a software developer. He is in a long-term, love/hate relationship with JavaScript. A passionate ex-gamer, Damian enjoys watching competitive Dota tournaments and aspires to be a pro in another life. In the few hours a day he can force himself to get off his computer, Damian enjoys reading fiction, biking, and trying to find the best street food New York has to offer.

Joanna 969bdb2a544b0d52136fa923206f445518a776a6ec09870485cc9408d40e0236

Joanna Wrzaszczyk

Visual Designer

Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, Joanna moved to New York City to follow her love for fine arts and experimental animation & design. Passionate about creativity of all forms, Joanna built her career in a variety of roles, working for companies like Vogue Studio, New Balance, and Technicolor. She joined LiquidSky in October, shortly after receiving her master’s degree in Interaction Design from New York University. In her free time, Joanna likes to be outside, roaming around the city, checking out new gallery exhibitions, or sunbathing in Central Park. She grew up listening to classical music, playing piano, and singing opera and jazz. She’s also a big foodie and would never say no to a cheese plate.

Jonathan 4b4597301a2da26bb9247e8359ee6e9fd99f45c911ea95a542b2a2f1a114bcb6

Jonathan Pusar

Retention Marketing Associate

Jonathan is a marketing whiz who joined LiquidSky in October. Though a lifelong New Yorker, he's an explorer at heart, and has spent countless weekends traveling the Northeast and Canada. Jonathan's nomadic lifestyle makes him a mobile gamer, always clutching to his smartphone and laptop for gaming thrills. When not plotting out his next marketing campaign, Jonathan dabbles in beer making and working out. He's also an avid heavy metal enthusiast, and is always on the lookout for the latest concert.

Naga aa51dfbc81380d43e7b3bacfdc68b2e63d0204f00f5c43d40af4290a9185b9d5

Naga Hota

Cloud Software Engineer

Naga recently graduated from UTI in San Jose with a Masters in Software Engineering. He is passionate about coding in Ruby on Rails and optimizing cloud infrastructure using AWS and LiquidSky’s proprietary cloudstack technology. As a recent transplant to New York from the West Coast he is totally in love with the city and reminds him of his hometown in India. Naga spends his free time navigating the streets of NYC and exploring new locations.

Savinda 39f0fda46604ea4ca22f966edd1d685f2c9b43b0b53f650c251477f427ec48ee

Savinda Rukshan


Savinda spends his whole day, practically every day, experimenting with JavaScript, dabbling with Ruby, and inhaling a wide variety of potentially useless information through a few hundred RSS feeds. He is called an owl as he loves to work during the night. His passions include cars and wildlife photography.

Syed 9c74e1aba5b2665202c9db71195d8c650d98582dad6fb0d939b0edaf52351429

Syed Islam

System Administrator

Syed is a system administrator at LiquidSky, where he does large scale computer performance design, analysis, and deployment. He is a member of International Association of Engineers(IAENG). Syed has 12 years experience as a Systems Administrator working, troubleshooting and tuning Windows, Linux, Citrix, VMware, and Hyper-V systems. He has previously worked as Senior support engineer, System Analyst, and System Administrator in Energy sectors, Bank and MSP. Syed spends his free times watching movies, playing computer games, paintball, fishing and enjoying water sports.


Mcnealy de2c2533c0576ad753bdeed1a31f22b313eab255934441c0311f71afad724bf7

Scott McNealy

Former CEO of Sun Microsystems

Scott McNealy co-founded Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 1982, serving as its CEO and Board Chair for over 22 years. During his tenure, McNealy transformed Sun from a Silicon Valley startup to a leading global provider of network computing.In October 2011, McNealy, along with partner Scott Johnston, announced his next venture, Wayin, which provides big brands with software that enables them to curate, display, and analyze social media content surrounding their products. McNealy serves as Board Chairman. Long committed to open source education, McNealy also led Sun to create Curriki, a global online community creating quality materials that benefit teacher, parents, and students. McNealy is a graduate of Harvard and Stanford Business School.

Matthew acd309fc3d400b4a3c2a7a2cdba4c6e962e6bab3921ed2b2e7a53b4ac724c25a

Matthew Nordby

Former CRO of Playboy

As an advisor to LiquidSky, Matthew brings a diverse career background and vast global network. Currently he is a branding executive serving the fashion, sports and entertainment business. Matthew previously led Playboy Enterprises as the President of Global Licensing. During his tenure, he more than doubled the licensing business at the company earning the iconic brand a spot on the 2015 "Top 50" Global licensors. Prior to Playboy, Matthew was an accomplished technology executive serving in leadership roles at Greenplum, a Silicon Valley software start-up acquired by EMC Corporation and Sun Microsystems.

Andy 630258b780ecf7a6e6e299f478f8acb0f430cae7924f86a0ea17ac2fc7dff427

Andy WK Lau

Asia Liaison

Based in Hong Kong , and assisting with LiquidSky’s Asia and China strategies, Andy Lau is a technologist, entrepreneur, and investor with strong connections to both the APAC and Silicon Valley tech communities. He has founded a number of successful ventures in the areas of enterprise IT, digital and social, and cloud and mobile computing.

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